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Apr 14, 2009

sexya easter bunny and kit fisto

some super duper sexy bunny have done =]
drawing in open canvas inked in it and colored using photoshop 7
why arcaic photoshop 7 some people ask .... always think program don't do the difference or hardware
the artist does is the real thing
some guys always think if have better software or better tablet this make my work shine
to be sincere this is bullshit
to make ur works better is all with u ... study and improve
Most important never give up =]

only for curiosity if like to see my old work and comparative chart of then look here here


bem69 said...

Wow, and you say my outline is good haha, yours is excellent.

Its true, its not the software or hardware that makes the artist, its how the artist uses the software and hardware.

That said, I still want an Intuos4. Not because I think I'm going to do draw better, but because I'm a gadget freak. Hahha.

Anonymous said...

Sehr interessant!