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May 25, 2009

tifa final and speed paint

hi there folks =]
little college work the castle done in 2 hours covering work about perspective to give idea of 3d .. okies the real work is something bothering about do figures with idea of volume with colors ... c'mon i not pass 10 year studying how to draw to do 2nd grade kid work and deicide to do something diferent
I think is most wonderfull and imponent a like castle in middle of hell
second is final version of rough tifa have done in a produtive boring saturday night in HOME

hope u like

comments r welcome like always

sorry for my english is not my main language

hugs to u all

c yaa

May 23, 2009

tifa and pchat with friend

hi folks only to update here =3
College still not finished yet but more only two weeks to end of semester
*dance of vistory*
little image done im pchat with me friend chuu
and tifa from final fantasy 7 never had decent fanart of her to be sincere only roughs and pr0n works for porn paysites
hope u like people

and c yaa

May 18, 2009

fanarts and rough

some fanart i little lazy to put color in it =]
and old rough not like it so much cause think have destroyed the idea of entire image begin to try to save and make then worst =]
and a personal work of mine but little fake alter ego have done it =]
c ya people

May 11, 2009

more from my sketch book

lazy to write something today here but have finished some things here =]
and some finished work too =]
hope u like it people =]

May 5, 2009

roughs.sketch from comiss etc...

theses little bored to doom
but have to update here
little sktechs don't have posted here yet
hope u like it people =]

May 1, 2009

portrait study?

okies always sucked in realism but have to study this =_=
catch a picture of friend of mine and roughed look at ... dawn most difficult is maintain the caracts of real human face D:
nes begin to paint over the lines keep looking at the photo... 5 hours and i'm happy with the results =]

hope u like it =]