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Oct 20, 2008

drawing over the wall

saturday night in bar drink,some beer,listen music and drawwwwwwwww

pencil and paper

so long time don't draw in pencil and pencil
have little insonmia today and do this to apssa time and go to bed =]
hope u like it people

Oct 15, 2008

initial comission rough

some initial rough hope the guy have liked ^^
now begin to finish =]

Oct 11, 2008

flonne wip

love freak flonne

yeah i'm playing disgaea 1 on ds and have some fun ^^
trying draw flonne but like u can see fail miserable in that ~_~
is horrible draw cute caracter in my own style.... but obvious i'll not give up more try r comming ^^

a second try think this suit better with the caracter problably finish tomorrow i don't know have something to finish and begin here today

like a storyboard to my short movie in college ~_~
hope u like it people

Oct 8, 2008

rough for work again

some rough for work
and another comission rough
hope u like it people =]

Oct 3, 2008

rough and final version

yeah all three last posts r the same caracter at end
like this last pose fit more into the personality of char of jess =]
and glad u like it too =]

tks for all visits people