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Sep 29, 2009

black queen,starfire and power girl

more fanart of comics to sell in ebay go chack and bid here

Sep 23, 2009

sketch dump 13

more from my moleskine book done in college time this too
usually don't pay attention at class so boredoom then to be sincere
hope u like it like always people feel free to leave a comment

respondendo ao vanrogue jah q tenho preguiça de clicar em caixinha e hj tah corrido td aki
bom eu sou autodidata mas estudei bastanrte os livrinhus do andrew loomis assim como desnehar o dia todo ateh foder o bracim 8D
num tem degredo kkkkkkkkkkkk
e tbm agradecer ao thiago mello por smepre dar passadinha aki e fazer uns comments visitem o blog dele o sketch junkies link ao lado galere

bom ateh mais

Sep 17, 2009

another update with my moleskine drawing sketches
produtive week =3
and college keep going but 2months and half to finish it =]
sorry for entrecard guys little absent cause o not free time to drop but keep visiting some of my favorite of there to see drawings and other stuff


c yaa people

Sep 12, 2009

Sep 4, 2009

Sep 1, 2009