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Jun 28, 2009

quest for improvement - warning huge image

ok sometimes people like to see chart of evolution of artist have done this in 2006 and updated with more few years =]
hope u like it
and hell my first works sucks 8D
hope u enjoy it =]
and warning its huge fileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

hugs all
c yaa people

Jun 26, 2009

little news from townsville 8D

college vacation finally =]
catching this little free time to play again "The worlds end with you" of nintendo ds is nice game if have ds u have to play =]
buyed a moleskine too wait to new drawing to do my first published sketch book problably not show most of it here ]
Little boring sometimes buy sketch book of some artist and most of images u have see in internet or other places i think
Saturday have a party in local pub here to comemorate my 28 bithday *time flies so fast damn* remenber my first work have 21 do little porn comic to local comic here in country
Some fanart of halibel from bleach series not read mor stoped on soul society saga ...little tired of teenage comic in theses days a fter whole life reading then u see lciches more faster
Color finished o kairi from Kingdom of hearts 2 ..okies she appears more old but i think she is sexy like this =]
Rest r comission of my vacation sale tks for all people have grabbed all slots have so much fun doing all of it

If u like to check the rest of comiss done last promotional round check my deviantart and if like to hire for a comission sent me a mail or note in deviant =]
oh not forgot the link my gallery in deviantart

sorry again for my horrible grammar in english is not my main language

Jun 15, 2009

sketch dump 3

first iamge is done in collab online in open cnavas 1.7b with my friend julio a.k.a mz09
more sketchs
u notice i like KH a little problably u see more of the caracter here in future
and lazy to write like a hell 8D
c yaa
and finally college vacations take some distant of pc guys these days sorry buddies =3

hugs to all

Jun 8, 2009

zombie speed paint

cause i luv zombies =3
used picture of mine to do this for reference
hope u like it


last in week in college class damn it awesome
so here some sketch have done in lasr days =]
hope u like it boys and girls

Jun 2, 2009

more one speed paint

begin morning to little practice in speed paint
so since don't hve so much little to time to respond other mail and deviant comments =_=
oh ben nops don't do much speed paints little horrible to create building of nowhere nut have little fun begin to do it more =]

and last week in college after that time to finish some promotional comiss
have some slots free if someone like to grab is only 20$ for half body colored check the rules here
and tks for support and comments people =]
hope after college back to catch great job since have cut from some jobs and bills not stop of comming remeber some dc crisis comic book this things D=

c yaa hugs for all