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May 5, 2008

cold days

cold dark days as awesome to draw..problably tired to go outside and try to have normal life like normal humans
to be sincere who gives a shit to the mankind and false people being futile around u ?
keep drawing =D
and 4 k is comming omg it's little amout of number very tks to all people visit my little blog =]
hug to everybody

ps- this some thing related to forum have entered fez weeks later
and love to meeet new artists around the block here in my country
and the best very productive people this really gives u feeling to keeping the things going =]


Ishimaru Makoto said...

desenhos do lubasa *-*

ele me mando primeiro \o\

sempre fóda lubasa-sensei
continue assim

dbkun said...

Caraca, gostei do layout ;DDDD quando é que vai sair esse zine nas bancas XD?O mercado de mangá no brasil deve ter melhorado com esse tempinho todo! (Rpz eu não tenho mais paciencia pra zine não, desisto,vo viver na ilustra mesmo)