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Jul 29, 2009

sketch dump 8

more moleskine drawings =]
have more but post in homeopatic doses or will be without updates for long time
end of vacations is comming =/
hope u like it the sketch here

c yaa folks

Jul 24, 2009

sketch dump 7

more sketchs from my moleskine book =]
hope u like it people =3

Jul 18, 2009

sketch dump 6

more sketchs form my sketch book hope u like it people
the 3rd one is gift to friend of mine =] and hope he likes it

Jul 15, 2009

sketch dump 5

okies not resist to post this today too
hope u like it people =]

sketch dump 4

more from my sketchbook
hope u like people =]

c yaa

Jul 11, 2009


vacations keep going problebly nly back here in the end of month =]

c yaaa