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Apr 28, 2009

more sketchs =]

lazy to write something today

Apr 26, 2009

none of this is real

someday i feel like it =_=
some art from my sketch book papel and pencil little edits on photoshop =]
hope u like it people

Apr 25, 2009

asuka soryu langlei

some eva fanart =]
hope u like it people =]

Apr 24, 2009

blades against ballet

another sktech from my sktch book of doom
hope u like it people =]

Apr 22, 2009

mstrkrft ppr nd pncl

another sketch book scan here hope u like it =]

Apr 21, 2009

drugs in my body / miserable girl

drugs in my body

miserable girl

more 2 sketch from my sketch book =]
hope u like it
back to psycadelic things long time not doing personal things like it <3
the titles of drawings r names of musics like always =]

c yaa folks

Apr 15, 2009

The Private Psychedelic Reel

forgot to scan my sketch book today D:
done waiting my friend jake today in mall to chat and have nice day with her =3
update today cause problably tomorrow don't have some free time to do that =]
hope u like it people

walle bomb?

nothing better than walle carried by bird to destroy the mankind 8D .. hun or maybe another thing ur imagination deicide it =]
make it listenning testarossa autodrive (sebastian remix)

Apr 14, 2009

television rules the nation

it's like a aquarium u turn it on and see the same things always =]
with one problem destroy ur personalitty more fast than u notice it

sexya easter bunny and kit fisto

some super duper sexy bunny have done =]
drawing in open canvas inked in it and colored using photoshop 7
why arcaic photoshop 7 some people ask .... always think program don't do the difference or hardware
the artist does is the real thing
some guys always think if have better software or better tablet this make my work shine
to be sincere this is bullshit
to make ur works better is all with u ... study and improve
Most important never give up =]

only for curiosity if like to see my old work and comparative chart of then look here here

Apr 9, 2009

sketch dump 2

ha sometimes love draw in sketchbook without pressure to draw for someone else
is relaxing and make me very happy
and easter r comming some days to do nothing 8D

Apr 7, 2009

sketch book dump

hellouz there
sad but my scan have gona say bye bye only scan in black and white ¬¬
and love this images have use some pencil colors on it
Like u see my scan mess with all color i try to save the supermarvelous work of scan in photoshop
hope u like it people =]
oh 14k hits here nice to all of you to keep visiting me <3

Apr 3, 2009

another work to college

imigração japonesa intro from Lubasa Spiegel on Vimeo.

first semester intro for documentary hope u like it *and yeah another crap thing for sure =3*