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Nov 23, 2013

daily studies #14

daily studies #13

daily studies #13

Nov 20, 2013

velma teaser

little velma teaser =]
if like to see the rest of this image and much more consider joining hentai united using  the link on image
c yaa folks

daily studies #12

white queen emma stone x-men

color sketch of emma
cause when you have super power and can walk along using only lingerie =3

daily studies #11

Oct 1, 2013

daily studies #6

daily studies #5

after two weeks of "vacations" playing gta V and diablo3   back to  the schedulle
thinking about began doing color studies too =]

Sep 17, 2013

daily studies #4

more heads  2-5 minutes each

Sep 13, 2013

Sep 12, 2013

daily studies #2

head studies  2-5 minutes each
the objetive is to be more organic on my lines  and get acostumed to do more variations of faces
looking for slideshow program without the need for full screen for it any indications ?

Sep 11, 2013

daily studies #1

cause i need a name  for all thi shit produced daily for improvement

Sep 9, 2013

Aug 9, 2013

supergirl digital sketch 001

supergirl super fast sketch done on manga studio 5   trying  new effects on it  really like it  =D
hope you too folks

Jul 4, 2013

quorra teaser tron

tron teaser for you guys  =]
like always if like  join me at hentaiunited 
under my profile doing this you can support  me  keep doing this job drawing cool smut =3
c yaa hope u like it kids

Jun 8, 2013

more comic pages previews

more comic page wips
Jesus  almost 40 pages in one month  tired as hell but only more seven to finish this chapter  in this comic
Probably  post this on Hentai United  in weekly basis to give more time to  work on other chapter ,more pages in future means more updates there too  for sure
Have  try to  ink  most direct on  unfinished rough in some  parts  and fails miserably
Some week i can do  almost 9 pages usually simple panels   with porn  but the background takes much time to do  and are so boring  
In other parts  have more sucess in this   but at have so much drawing it
hope u guys like this  preview =]

May 8, 2013

comic page wip

began to refine the ages today
damn i'm so slow on  do this in digital hope  to get faster with practice
think  in doing ink on more sketch way  than my usual so carefull ink
hope u like it kids