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Mar 30, 2009

a honra de um samurai / the samurai honor - college work last semester

hi there people some friends have asked to see this short movie again and put on vimeo and like to share here with u too =]
it's last semester college conclusion is very funny to do .. but me first try in animation thing like a total crtap today for me
to be sincere have great fun doing it
hope u like it =]

c yaa

a honra de samurai / the samurai honor from Lubasa Spiegel on Vimeo.

story board for college class

hi there here some story board have done to college class hope u like it people =]

Mar 21, 2009


flyer of party in local bar/pub here to lauch of this set collection
and yeah the bottons r for sell If you are interested in purchasing any pin, please sent me a mail at falecomlubasa@gmail(dot)com ... i'm accept paypal only

hi there people have make some buttons design and really enjoy to do then so funny
more complicated thing is drawing in smal space usually like to work in huge areas like A3 paper .. they r draw in area like 8x8 centimeters

really like the final results in it and u like it too
ah my friend Mateus Bagatini take this shots visit him and spread some love ... he have some nice pictures and work as graphical designer in my city =]

i'm with little problem with my left arm go to a visit medic in few days to check what happening ... cause of it no using so much pc and internet sorry to not visit all of u =]

c yaaa kids
and take care

Mar 13, 2009

little update - alice

hi folks long time no seee
sorry for not put so much drawings here =/
little busy with new short animation for end of college semester... last year in it =_=

have done some buttons design to sell later post then here
make this alice to b-day gift for a friend of mine =3
hope u like it people