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May 25, 2009

tifa final and speed paint

hi there folks =]
little college work the castle done in 2 hours covering work about perspective to give idea of 3d .. okies the real work is something bothering about do figures with idea of volume with colors ... c'mon i not pass 10 year studying how to draw to do 2nd grade kid work and deicide to do something diferent
I think is most wonderfull and imponent a like castle in middle of hell
second is final version of rough tifa have done in a produtive boring saturday night in HOME

hope u like

comments r welcome like always

sorry for my english is not my main language

hugs to u all

c yaa


Grampy said...

No one cares about your english. Your sketches are so beautiful. I love all your work.
Please keep it up.

bem69 said...

True that Grampy,

Your art speaks for themselves, and they do speak a beautiful universal language. I like the Tifa one the most heheh.

Do you do a lot of speed painting, Lubasa?